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Shamanic Dreaming

Shamanic Dreaming

Teacher:    Janine Jenal
Location:   Basel or Online (see Newsletter)
Language: German

"Shamans dream the World into Reality"

For all interested people even without shamanic experience and for experienced dreamers!
Shamans travel through dreams into other realities. For them there are infinite worlds. All worlds are real, no matter how different they are from our everyday world. When we unconsciously dream at night or consciously dream shamanically, our mounting point - the point where our perception is fixed in the energy field - shifts and we perceive other worlds. Shamans bring information from other worlds into this reality and thus dream new possibilities into existence!
In the workshop Shamanic Dreaming you will be introduced to different dream possibilities.

You learn to change your perception and travel to other realities.

In addition, the group forms a strong energy field that supports your dreaming.

During these Workshops we want to dream together new visions for ourselves and for the earth! 

Dates, 19:00 - 20:30*

Dates for 2024 will be published in spring 24 !



CHF 33 / Diwan Family: CHF 16 (incl VAT)


In Diwan (Basel) and online (Zoom)​


* Please follow our Newsletter to stay up-to-date.

If you cannot wait & want to have a free-of-charge session, click on above "Preview"-button

(register for free on our website) and listen to a short Shamanic Dreaming Journey to the Wisdom of the Body.

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