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Janine Jenal

Basel, Flerden, Haslach, Potsdam, Online

Shaman / Pampamesayoq

Shamanic Teacher, Medium, Coach, Psychologist lic.phil.

Shamanic Energy Healer

Founder of Diwan Shaman Spirit & Diwan Basel


My vision

I want to live my life in magic.

For this I design my life with ceremonies.

I connect with the cycles of nature, and feel how my body synchronizes with it.

I read the signs of the animals, the mountains, the water around me,

I speak with the trees and the stones that I encounter,

I fill my life with living energies.

My teachers

The Q'ero tribe, direct descendants of the Incas who fled to the Andes in the 1500s and came down the moment the ice caps began to melt in the 1950s, are the masters of living energies.

They speak to the mountain spirits, the stars from which our soul comes. They speak to my soul. They see me as I am. The whole of me.

When I saw them at work, I knew: this is what I dreamed of as a child. My soul felt at home.

Diwan Shaman Spirit

This is what I create at Diwan Shaman Spirit. A soul that feels at home - in this physical body - in this physical world that seems to become more and more complex and demanding.

I want to support people to anchor well in their own body, to become soul healers. For themselves - and for the people around them.

I founded Diwan Basel (2012) and Diwan Shaman Spirit (2020) to bring back to our western world the ancient shamanic healing knowledge of the magic and beauty of the earth, the feminine way of living and healing that is still lived today in the Andes of Peru.

Who I am

I am a psychologist and a shaman. I was trained by indigenous shamans of the Q'ero (Inca) as a healer who "works with the earth as an altar". The shaman Doña Ernestina Quispe Chura gave me the name "Beautiful Lightning" ("Sumaq Kacha") and said: "You are a shamanic teacher, you have lightning energy, light energy in you - bring this ancient knowledge to the people of Europe so that they can feel the connection to Mother Earth again".

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