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Karin Zumsteg


Shaman / Pampamesayoq

Diwan Shamanic Path Teacher in training

Shamanic Energy Healer

Reincarnation-therapy, Card-reading (Lenormand)


I am Karin and I am a shaman.

My life path has led me through various stations, where my mediumship certainly plays a role, on the shamanic path.

Finally it was my journey to Peru to the Paqos. Their warm, open, welcoming nature, their energy language Quechua, the initiations I was allowed to experience, touched me deeply.

This path means for me constant transformation, oneness with nature, with the trees, the stones, the mountains, the waters and the animals. To draw from the richness of nature and to immerse myself in it again and again.

It is an energetic path, which is full of joy and lightness.

The path has brought me out of a deep life crisis and led me to a new perspective.

Insight, humility and joy motivate me to accompany people on their shamanic path.

Urpichay soncoy

With a dove from my heart

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