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Nicole Staub


Shaman / Pampamesayoq

Diwan Shamanic Path Teacher in training

Shamanic Energy Healer



My name is Nicole and I am a shaman.

I have been interested in "Indians" and their nature-based way of life since my childhood. I have always been fascinated by their healing ceremonies based on the forces of nature.

After various trainings and further education I feel I have arrived at home in Andean Shamanism. The work with and in nature fills me again and again with deep gratitude and joy and I feel very much related to it.

The "Shamanic Way", with all the different initiations, the mesa work, the despachos and the healing techniques of the Q`ero, I see as a school of life and as a huge gift.

I have learned to trust my intuition even more and to follow it. It was the beginning of a wonderful and magical journey on which I can learn and experience new things again and again.

I am happy to pass on this knowledge to other people.

Urbichay sonqoy

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