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About Our Community

Personal development is development of "Me".

It is letting go of old patterns, which ones served you, but are now obstructing.

It is embracing new thoughts, new patterns and structures in your life and reflections of yourself.

To be able to see the full "Me" you need  a mirror.

To be able to fixate your "New Me", your new patterns, you need anchors.

The people with whom you shared your development path, share your insights, have seen your path, and will mirror your new You, your new patterns.

They can help you to anchor your next direction in life.

Personal development doesn't end after finishing a program, it continues.

2 years in a very intense learning path, sharing your life-moving experiences, also creates a big connection between the students.

Diwan makes sure people can stay in touch after a course, and continue their personal development. As a group, supported with follow-up classes, or free-format around inspiring thoughts, pictures and ideas.


Diwan Family (Alumni)

Diwan Family is a continuation-program.

Diwan graduated students, can automatically become a member and continue and deepen their education into the energetical knowledge.

Membership provides access to additional information and special classes & workshops.

You will hear more about this, during your intake for the Shamanic Path program.

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