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Mediumistic Counseling

Mediumistic Counseling

Basel, Online

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Mediumistic Counseling

Mediumistic Counseling

Mediumistic Counseling

Medium:    Janine Jenal
Language: German, English, French
Location:    Basel, Online

In a sensitive-mediumistic consultation you will receive information from me about your soul path and your energetic structure, the associated opportunities and risks. You will learn more about situations and people and why they suit you or why problems arise. This way you will gain more clarity regarding your life task and your current life situation.

For your greatest possible benefit, I combine the medial counseling with psychological information and energy medicine methods, depending on your needs and wishes.

I am happy to be able to accompany you!

Cost: 160 Fr. (1 hr)

Important: a mediumistic session does not replace medical or psycho-therapeutic treatment and happens on the client's own responsibility.


Mediumistic Circle & Workshops

Merle Heynen, Medium and Sensitive has been sensitive since childhood. She received her mediumistic training from Beatrice Rubli and at Arthur Findlay College in GB. Graduate of the 2 year training for "Mediumship and Healing", SVPP certified for "Mediumship and Healing". 

2008/2009 Circle teacher of the training course at the Swiss Association for Parapsychology.

Since 2009 teacher of the training course "Mediality and Spiritual Healing". Circle leader in Bern, Solothurn, Basel and Zurich.

Runs her own practice in Solothurn and gives workshops.

Circle for Mental Mediumship in Basel

Medium:    Merle Heynen
Language: German
Location:   Diwan Basel
Dates:        10.1., 31.1., , 14.2., 6.3., 20.3., 24.4., 15.5., 5.6.,                                    26.6., 21.8., 4.9.,18.9., 13.11., 27.11., 11.12.24
Time:         18.45 - 21.45
Costs:        Circle-semester: CHF 460 / 7 Circle-evenings: CHF 360

In The Circle for Mental Mediumship you can develop your mediumistic abilities. Under the guidance of a trained medium the following topics are deepened:

  • Extrasensory perception (clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience)

  • psychometry

  • perceiving the human energy field

  • spiritual healing

  • mediumistic afterlife contacts

  • sensitive and mediumistic sessions

  • platform work.

A good and convincing mediumship is the result of many years of serious circle work, which requires a lot of patience and discipline.

A circle period lasts one semester.

7 evenings on site and 2 circle evenings online.

It is also possible to attend only the circle evenings on site.

For registration, please contact by email or telephone.




Trance Mediumship - Incarnating Reality

Medium:    Varies
Language: German, English
Location:   Diwan Basel
Dates:        In planning

The Process of Incarnation is where life starts.

It is also the process which brings our energetical and physical sides together.


Science, Philosophy, Biology and many others have their thoughts on this process, but none can come with conclusive evidence - simply because it requires a peak into the other dimension. And this is where Trance Mediumship comes in.


In this Circle we share thoughts from many different fields of expertise to create a rational framework around topics such as "Who am I", "What is Reality", and "How does Incarnation function". This creates the ratio-funneled Intention. With the help of this focus, we go into Trance to experiment and gain insights on the dynamics of Incarnation and Life itself.


To start in these Workshops is possible at any moment.


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