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Shamanic Healing Session

To Heal

Shamanic Energy Healing

Healers/CH:     Janine, Karin, Nicole
Healers/GER:   Maxi
Healers/AUT:    Karin, Katrin, Christa
Language:           German, English, French

Shamanic energy medicine is the traditional healing method of the Inca, as it is still practiced today by their descendants in the high Andes of Peru.


Energy medicine can be used to heal directly at the level of the energy matrix. The human energy field stores information, and injuries of any kind leave imprints in the energy field. These imprints are removed during an energy medicine healing treatment, allowing healing to occur.

The energy medicine treatment can also be booked as a remote treatment.

Pregnancy, serious illnesses and the intake of medication, especially psychotropic drugs, must be imperatively indicated before the session! The shamanic-energy-medical treatment does not replace any necessary medical or psychotherapeutic treatment and takes place on the client's own responsibility.

Price/CH:                  CHF 160 per hour

Price/GER & AUT     On request


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