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Shamanic Journey to Peru:
April 22 - May 9 2025

A transformative journey to yourself and into a new consciousness

More information coming soon!


With Diwan Shaman Spirit, Luis Alejo Mango and the Q'ero Paqos to Peru...with traditional Inca initiations and ceremonies.

This journey is organised, guided and translated by Diwan Shaman Spirit, Luis Alejo Mango and Q'ero Paqos (Andean Shamans).

Every step of the way you will be accompanied by us, you will perform traditional ceremonies and receive intitations with the Paqos and they will explain to you what the sacred places really mean and what they have been used for by the Paqos since ancient time. You will be immersed in a completely different world than on a normal Peru trip. This journey connects you with the cosmos and with your soul star!

Information & registration:

Program Peru Journey:

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