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Medicine Walk

To Experience & To Heal

Find your Path & make decisions with the signs of Nature

Teacher:    Janine Jenal
Location:   Nature, Online
Language: German, English, French

A walk in Nature

A walk with a purpose

The purpose is to get Visions & Answers

In Western society we’ve lost most of our connections with Nature.

We live in a well-heated house, well-protected from the cycles of the seasons

And where electricity replaced the cycle of Night and Day.

Where we rationally predict based on data and apps what weather it will be tomorrow


We don’t talk anymore with Nature.

We’re losing the ability to speak her language.

The language of signs, the communication of Trees, animals, water streams and stones.

As spoken by our Intuition – our Soul.


In many indigenous traditions a Ceremony was created to solve this. This is a Medicine Walk.

These traditions may range from several hours to many months.

They can be performed to get an answer to a question, or to go through the passage of adulthood or death.

But all have got in common, that you alone create a relationship with Nature, with Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) to build a full, harmonious Self.


We would like to invite you to take your walk in the park in a different way.

Set an Intention, ask a question – and then just listen….

Listen to what Mother Nature tells you.

Let you be guided by your curiosity

See, listen, smell, feel the Signs given by Her.

And grow your Conscious.


Take a Medicine Walk.

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