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Cacao Ceremony

Teacher:    Maxi Radicke

Location:   Diwan Potsdam, Diwan @ Home

Language: German


A Sacred Ceremony to Open and Connect with your Heart.

Cacao is a wonderful natural product. We eat it frequently, in the form of chocolate.

But to let it become part of your body in the raw form, in the form of a ceremony, is something completely different.

It is a strong plant-teacher.

It brings your body, mind and soul into a new relationship with each other.

Experience the magic of the moon in a calm and powerful way. I invite you to set new intentions together at new moon, let go of old things at full moon, interpret the energies of each moon and connect with your soul.

Dive into the magic between Cacao and the moon, its power paired with Cacao's heart opening.


I will guide you through a small ritual to the particular lunar event, we will exchange ideas, share our visions, insights and what is important for you right now.
Every two weeks we meet to connect, share things and exchange heart to heart.

The thing that brings me so much joy about Cacao Ceremonies is giving you the space you need right in this moment, listening and celebrating life in all its facets. Whether it's letting go of something or inviting something in.

In accordance with the respective cosmic event, I lay cards for the group and let my intuition speak through me.

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