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​2 Year Program: The Shamanic Path

How ?

This intensive 2 year Program teaches you the traditional Andean Shaman Knowledge of the Q'ero shamans (paqos).


The starting point is that everything is energy & alive.

The paqos are masters in building energetical relationships with the visible and invisible worlds.


One of the key tools they use is the Mesa - a ceremonial cloth with your power-stones. You'll build one up and learn how to use this - for ceremonies, for healing, for bringing new balance and for consultation.


Initiations are another key tool. They are like software-downloads on a frequency-level.

You'll receive several Initiations. They bring specific energies & frequencies from Nature and the Universe into your chakras and connect you to these power-sources.

Initiations bring stability & balance into your system.

Energy medicine is matrix work. You will learn to

treat the energy body - the matrix of the physical body. Among other things, you will learn:

  • to work with a mesa

  • to cleanse energetically

  • to balance chakras

  • to work with the 3 worlds

  • to connect to power sources of the universe

  • to remove external energies

  • to retrieve soul parts

  • to separate cords

  • to work with the energetic heart

  • to work with the energetic stomach

  • to resolve difficult ancestral issues

  • to resolve conflicts

  • to heal traumas

  • to travel to other dimensions

  • to get new visions and strength

  • to connect with the soul path

  • and much more...

Perception creates reality.

Change your perception to change your reality.

Over centuries, the Q'ero have developed methods to change and focus their perception in a multi-dimensional way. Solve challenges from a different angle or from a complete different dimension.

This Knowledge gives you the possibility to change the situation you are in and create a new, well-balanced, sustainable reality.

Shamanism is about building connections.

This needs dedication, focus, intention, and skill.

To make this part of You, this requires a consistent practice for a longer period of time.

Traditional Andean shamans are educated for more than 10 years, before they are considered capable of performing as a shaman.

2 years is the period you need to transform your system, to really see, understand and change patterns in You.

Diwan provides this Program in small groups to create a setting which supports this Transformation-process:

To be on your path for 2 years, with a small group, intensively guided by well-trained Shamans, Teachers, and Coaches.

The Teachings you will receive in the group, followed by training and reflecting this by yourself, working with the Spirits of Nature and the elements. With the Teacher, both You and the group will have periodic Zoom-sessions to support and anchor this Transformation process.

What ?

The Program consists of 4 semester modules, creating the course framework.

In each semester, you'll go into 3 to 4 course elements. These include personal transformation work, energy medicine, ceremonies, and initiations.

in between the course elements you will participate at fire and despacho ceremonies and a series of online group and individual chats are scheduled. You are part of the Diwan Family Community and can join its events.


The group-size is limited (approx 12 people), securing a well-guided, professional and personal approach.


The teachers are certified in traditional andean shamanism. In addition they have got either a psychological, western medical or energetical healing-background.


You'll receive the full course-documentation as guidance, and during the 2 years, you'll build up your tool-set and learn to use it.


Teufelsschlucht - Medicine Walk
2yr Program Shamanic Path 2021 2022.jpg

The 2-year training: 4 semester modules

What you will discover is, that this is a well-structured, in-depth training, reinforcing the foundations of your life. It gives a clear structure & process on how you can deal with challenging situations and bring them to balanced, inspiring highlights on your Soul Path.


The learning curve is steep and as you'll be focusing on the Energetical: Be prepared for Surprising Results.


You will finish your Program with a diploma (with thesis).

What this program will change in your life ?

The traditional Andean Shamanic Way learns you to define & connect to Yourself & the World around in an Energetical & Intuitive way. This will show new solutions to situations which seemed unsolvable from a rational point of view. You'll see that you're going to experience your Life in a more intense way, multi-dimensional, perceiving it through new senses.

This course will prepare you for next steps in your life.


It trains you to be a master in working with Energies in the tradition of Andean Shamanism.

"The shamanic path enables me to live more and more what I perceive deep inside, what is good for me."



Machu Pichu - Inca City between Andes an


Switzerland / Basel

(Deutsch) Aug 2023 - Aug 2025

New! Germany / Aachen-Potsdam

(Deutsch) Nov 2022 - Nov 2024

You can still book until April 23 2023!

Austria / Region Linz

Oct 2022 - Oct 2024

Switzerland / Basel

(English) in Planning


(English) in Panning

Book now for

  • Switzerland/Basel 2023-2025

  • Germany/Potsdam-Aachen 2022-2024

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