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Shamanic Dreaming: Female Earth Energies


CHF 20


1h 08m

About the


Dreaming is an essential part of Shamanism. 'Many people dream while being awake. Shamans are awake while sleeping'. Shamanism is about consciousness - and often see the physical senses as providers of diluted input. The dream-state brings consciousness without being filtered through the Mind - it is just much less seen as thus also less trained here in the West as source of knowing. Diwan's Shamanic Dreaming classes are a training to do just this. Besides being relaxing, they are a guided tour through the darker sides of our lives, usually not associated with consciousness or collecting insights.

Your Instructor

Janine Jenal

Janine Jenal

Janine Jenal is shaman, medium & psychologist. After having studied shamanism with the Q'ero in Peru more than 10 years ago, she founded Diwan Shaman Spirit in Basel, aiming to bring this healing knowledge to the West.

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