Shamanic Dreaming; Weisheit des Korpers


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Dreaming is an essential part of Shamanism. 'Many people dream while being awake. Shamans are awake while sleeping'. Shamanism is about consciousness - and often see the physical senses as providers of diluted input. The dream-state brings consciousness without being filtered through the Mind - it is just much less seen as thus also less trained here in the West as source of knowing. Diwan's Shamanic Dreaming classes are a training to do just this. Besides being relaxing, they are a guided tour through the darker sides of our lives, usually not associated with consciousness or collecting insights.

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Janine Jenal

Janine Jenal

Janine Jenal is shaman, medium & psychologist. After having studied shamanism with the Q'ero in Peru more than 10 years ago, she founded Diwan Shaman Spirit in Basel, aiming to bring this healing knowledge to the West.