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The Diwan Shaman Spirit Dream

Our dream is to live and create a sustainable balance on earth, supporting all species to live harmoniously together.

Shamans are keepers of  Balance.

It is only possible to create a sustainable Balance with:

1. awareness of all dimensions influencing this Balance

2. experience in changing this Balance

It will only last, if you

  • create a Balance taking all dimensions into account and

  • use effective methods for shifting the Balance.

Indigenous Tribes have lived for many 1000s of years in harmony with Nature and Mother Earth. Taking only what they need, and making sure no Balance is disturbed. They live(d) prosperous with next to no possessions.

We even define wellness in terms of economic wealth. In our ownership-focused, consumption Society we can learn from that.

The essence is in our Inner-Balance and the richness of the connections we hold with the outside world, not how much we can collect.

The origins of the physical dimension lay in the Energetical World.

If you change energies, you'll provoke changes in this physical level.

Besides coming to results in a highly effective way, it is also a quick, smooth and non-emotional way of provoking these changes. Either by releasing blocking situations, or by changing the equilibrium of the elements relevant for this new Balance.

Diwan contributes to these insights by training students in awareness and shifting Balance, starting in the Energetical dimension.

In Diwan we practice this awareness and focused-ness on all these dimensions, and train with well-proven methods of shifting balances.

Not only does this create a community who is highly aware of themselves, but also able to influence and impact on its environment.

It provides you the ability to contribute to a true Balance, and take ownership and responsibility for it.

It brings yourself and the world around onto a higher level of development.

Education and Certifications

The Shamanic Path (2 year intensive course)

Diwan provides a 2 year training in the teachings of the ancient Andean (Inca) Shamanic tradition.

This course is meant for students who want to broaden & enrich their abilities to cope with life's challenges - in a  to-the-point, soft & balancing way.

You will be able to do this by developing awareness & skills to approach topics through intuitivity and an energetical way.

This knowledge you can apply as a Shaman, but is just as easily usable as a Psychologist or in any commercial or private setting.

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Diwan Alumni

Diwan Alumni is a continuation-program, whereby Diwan's graduated students continue and deepen their education into the energetical knowledge.

Spirituality & Science (The Quantum World)

Learn more about how the Andean Shamans have known for 1,000s of years where stars are, long before astronomers discover them,

how the quantum world discovers things, long after Andean Shamans have used this as base principles.

Peru Apu Salkantay - Apachita - Don Mari

The Philosophy

  • The physical World is created out of the Energetical World

  • They are inseperably connected

  • To focus on the source = to focus on the Energetical World.

The Mind is responsible for both creating emotions and subjective/limited perception. In shamanism, an emotion is the disbalance between "what the universe provides" and "what the mind wants".

To change perceptions, patterns and through this the situation, it is more effective to approach it by adjusting the energetical space (which directly creates the physical space), then to verbally address the ratio (responsible to create the disbalance in the first place and very capable of filtering out any threatening remarks). It is a very soft way of bringing new balance, without drama or pain.

  • Everything is connected to Everything

  • Everything has a role in bringing new Balance

  • Not honoring or respecting yourself, someone or something else, You create a disbalance - a disturbence in Your Space.

The ancient Andean Shamanistic wisdom consists of many more of these base-assumptions, which you will learn and practice with in Diwan's courses.

To be able to cope with our increasingly demanding environment, where our Western, rational cause/effect simply does not function anymore.

The Mind cannot control all dependencies, we need to get back to and reinforce our internal essence: Our Intuition, Our Subconscious and Our Soul.

The ancient Andean Shamanic Wisdom can support you in this modern world:

Stay connected to Yourself & find Your path in Life.

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