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Ceremonies & Workshops

Ceremonies - Fire

Fire Ceremony


Fire Ceremony

Teacher:    Diwan Team
Location:   Diwan Basel and/or  Online*
Language: German & English


Ceremonies - Harmonizing the Matrix

We humans are the only living beings who can consciously change energies. By coupling feelings and thoughts, we can turn heavy energies into light energies and light energies into heavy ones. Ceremonies help us to create balance - in ourselves, in our lives, our relationships, our profession and in our connection to the earth. Shamanic ceremonies work with the elements:

Fire Ceremony

Fire is in many traditions the way to liberate dense, materialized energy, back to a lighter form.

It is a good ceremony to

  • clean thoughts and situations

  • set new intentions

  • nurture your Energy Body

  • create open space for what the Universe has to offer


It is a great ceremony to clean, get nurtured and stay focused.



  • 21 June 2023: Solstice Fire Ceremony*

  • 21 December 2023: Solstice Fire Ceremony* 


CHF 11 / Diwan Family: CHF 0 (incl VAT)


Diwan & online (Zoom)


* Please follow our Newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Shamanic Drumming

Shamanic Drumming

Teacher:    Diwan Team
Location:   Basel and/or Online (see Newsletter)
Language: German & English


Shamanic Drumming

The rhythm of the drums brings you into a trance state, so that you can reconnect with your soul, dive deep into yourself and into other realities  - and heal softly.


Drumming in a group creates a safe and sacred space. It enhances the power of drumming enormously.


We would like to welcome you to our Shamanic Drumming Ceremonies in any of our locations.


Ceremony - Shamanic Dreaming

Dates, 18:00 - 19:00*

  • Wednesday, 1 March 2023, Karin Zumsteg



CHF 11 (incl VAT) / Diwan Family: CHF 6


In Diwan (Basel) and online (Zoom)​


* Please follow our Newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Ceremonies - Despacho

Despacho Ceremony

Bringing new Balance

Teacher:    Diwan Team
Location:   Diwan Basel and/or  Online*
Language: German & English


Earth is the mother of all living beings. It gives birth to us, nourishes us, carries us and gives us everything we need. With Despacho ceremonies we honor our Mother Earth, thank her for her abundance and generosity and at the same time manifest our intentions. Despacho ceremonies help

Despacho ceremonies help to

  • bring harmony to difficult situations

  • start something new with a stable foundation

  • gratefully close old situations and to let them go

  • manifest new intentions

A despacho is the 3D version of a Mandala.

Shamans bring energies together to bring new movement into a blocked situation and create a new balance and harmony into it.

It is also a good opportunity to take first steps in exploring the world of Andean Shamanism.


Dates, 18:00 - 19:30*

  • Freitag, 28. April 2023, Nicole Staub


CHF 35 / Diwan Familie: CHF  21  (incl VAT)


1 Flower, 1 candy or cooky for the Despacho



Diwan & online (Zoom)

* Please follow our Newsletter to stay up-to-date

Cacao Ceremony

Solstice Ceremony

Ceremonies- Solstice

Teacher:    Maxi Radicke

Location:   Diwan Potsdam, Diwan @ Home

Language: German


A Sacred Ceremony to Open and Connect with your Heart.

Cacao is a wonderful natural product. We eat it frequently, in the form of chocolate.

But to let it become part of your body in the raw form, in the form of a ceremony, is something completely different.

It is a strong plant-teacher.

It brings your body, mind and soul into a new relationship with each other.

Experience the magic of the moon in a calm and powerful way. I invite you to set new intentions together at new moon, let go of old things at full moon, interpret the energies of each moon and connect with your soul.

Dive into the magic between Cacao and the moon, its power paired with Cacao's heart opening.


I will guide you through a small ritual to the particular lunar event, we will exchange ideas, share our visions, insights and what is important for you right now.
Every two weeks we meet to connect, share things and exchange heart to heart.

The thing that brings me so much joy about Cacao Ceremonies is giving you the space you need right in this moment, listening and celebrating life in all its facets. Whether it's letting go of something or inviting something in.

In accordance with the respective cosmic event, I lay cards for the group and let my intuition speak through me.

Teacher:    Diwan Team

Place:        Diwan Basel

Language: German

Heart opening, creativity and intuition.


Invitation to the Cacao Ceremony

The teaching plant Cacao opens your heart, supports your creativity and lets you dive into your intuition.


Relaxation and attunement

Enjoying Cacao

Guided meditation and sharing.



We will meet

  • Wednesday, May 24, 18:00 - 20:00



Diwan Basel, Blauenstrasse 61, 4054 Basel


Per person Fr. 55.00 (incl. Cacao)

Number of persons limited

Registration required

Celebrating the Energy of the Sun

Teacher:    Q'ero Paqos
Location:   Cusco, Online, Diwan Basel
Language: Quechua & English

The Sun is our Energy source.

Without Father Sun, live on Earth would not be possible.

We would be lost in the Universe, as the Earth would not be orbiting in a round.

Father Sun plays an essential role in our lifes.

And so does he in the Teachings of the Incas.

On 21 December the Sun reaches its most southern point in the Zodiac Constellation, creating the Space for a perfect alignment between people and the Stars.

For the Nothern Hemisphere the shortest, for the Southern Hemisphere the longest day - the starting point for respectively Winter and Summer.

The Paqos would like to invite you to participate in their Solstice Ceremony.

This Ceremony will be held in Cusco, Peru - and they'll make it possible to participate in this through Video-conferencing / Zoom.

Dates: June 21 & December 21

Location: online at home & online at Diwan

Time *

Price *

Diwan Basel, Blauenstrasse 61, 4054 Basel

* Please follow our Newsletter to stay up-to-date

Ceremonies - MedicineWalk

Medicine Walk

Find your Path & make decisions with the signs of Nature

Teacher:    Janine Jenal
Location:   Nature, Online
Language: German, English, French

A walk in Nature

A walk with a purpose

The purpose is to get Visions & Answers

In Western society we’ve lost most of our connections with Nature.

We live in a well-heated house, well-protected from the cycles of the seasons

And where electricity replaced the cycle of Night and Day.

Where we rationally predict based on data and apps what weather it will be tomorrow


We don’t talk anymore with Nature.

We’re losing the ability to speak her language.

The language of signs, the communication of Trees, animals, water streams and stones.

As spoken by our Intuition – our Soul.

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