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Diwan's target is to heal & support spiritual development for her members.

The focus point for this is the energetical dimension.

The main entry-point for this is through experience, not through the ratio / understanding it.

Having said this, there are 4 reasons to still use "written Information" as a starting point:

  1. The Mind is used to grow consciousness around situations, processes & cause/effect relationships.

  2.  The Mind is responsible for focusing our energy through visualizing the goal and the method on how to get there.

  3. Knowledge feeds the Mind, which wants to control influences on the body and is responsible for creating filters and blockages. These need to be deblocked & opened.

  4. In our Western Society, the Ratio is more trained and accepted as our Intuition.

So reading through any information, please know: The core deliverable of Diwan is to grow your Intuition & Senses, not your Mind".

The information shared on Diwan's website touches the fundamentals of the Methods being toughed.

With this information you'll be able to make some basic changes in your life.

A lot of Shamanic knowledge is shared with Diwan Students & Diwan Family Community through Diwan's extranet.

If you are already a Member, please log in.

If you are interested in becoming one, please contact us.



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