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Maxi Radicke

Potsdam, Online

Shaman / Pampamesayoq

Diwan Shamanic Path Teacher in training

Shamanic Energy Healer

Co-Founder Diwan Potsdam

Yoga teacher

Cacao Ceremony leader


Rediscovering myself - that is probably the best description of what I was able to experience during the 2 years in The Shamanic Path. 

I came and come back more and more to myself, to my essence, to who I really am in truth. 

I trust in my intuition, the deep knowledge within me and in everyone and everything that is. 

Shamanism is for me a coming home in deep connection to nature, all living beings and energies. It is so beautiful to create this feeling also for others, to live life in ceremony and to remind other people also to come back.

I have tried many things and then discovered for myself the way of shamanism. It gives me strength, trust, love and exactly the things in life that I need. On my shamanic path I am always fascinated by how quickly situations can be transformed. 

During my training it has become more and more apparent that I want to pass on this ancient knowledge and work in this way. Seeing how people feel after a treatment fills me with incredible gratitude.

I am a certified Vinyasa and Tantra Hatha Yoga teacher, work as a shaman, hold Cacao ceremonies and give Tarot coaching and readings. 

All this I like to combine.

Nine years ago I did yoga for the first time and since then my journey into spirituality and the miracle of life began. I began to question, feel and experience that there is so much more.

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