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New! Workshops & Trainings 2024 (Diwan & online)

We are currently planning a new, modular form of training, in which the modules can also be booked individually as workshops!

You want to do the training:
Starting in 2024, you will begin your shamanic training with 2 compact basic modules (Mesa Compact & EM Basic) and then choose all other modules at your own pace and without obligation. You can complete the training with a diploma.

You would like to attend individual modules:
If no prerequisites are indicated, you can also book each module individually without prerequisites. Exception: the two basic modules can only be booked as a whole of 4 days each.

You can already register for the following modules:

Mesa Compact: January 24 - 27, 2024
In this module you will build your own healing mesa with 13 healing stones in the tradition of the Inca shamans from the Andes.
Mesa Kompakt is the 1st basic module for the shamanic training. The module is also open for interested people who do not want to do an education.
Location: TAO - Total Art Oasis, Vosges/France
Cost: 1300 Fr. (incl. VAT, additional board & lodging, Total Art Oasis Vosges/France)

Info & Booking:

Energy Medicine Basic: March 7 - 10, 2024
In this module you will learn to apply your healing mesa in an energy medicine healing treatment. With this you have a solid base, can treat with it and are ready to deepen your knowledge with further shamanic techniques.

EM Basis is the 2nd basic module for the shamanic training. Prerequisite is the attendance of Mesa Kompakt.
Location: Diwan Basel, Blauenstrasse 61, 4054 Basel & Online
Cost: 1300 Fr. (incl. VAT)

Info & Booking:

Energy Medicine Tools 2 "Power": February 22 - 25, 2024
In the EM Tools "Power" module you focus on your inner power. You can book each day individually or all 4 days as a package with a discount.

Day 1, 22.1.24, Heart

You learn to dissolve your emotional blockages so that your heart becomes free and light again.

Day 2, 23.1.24, Ancestors
You learn to make peace with your ancestors and to use them as your home base.

Day 3, 24.1.24, Stability
you learn shamanic methods to stabilise yourself internally, which you can use every morning or before difficult situations.

Day 4, 25.1.24, Protection
you learn to train and protect your energy field to stay with yourself.

You can book the EM Tools "Power" module as a whole or just individual days.
Location: Diwan Basel, Blauenstrasse 61, 4054 Basel &
Costs: 4 days 1210 Fr. (incl. VAT) / single days 325 Fr. each (incl. VAT)

Info & booking:

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