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Why Change ?

Why Diwan Shaman Spirit ?

Changing Time Place Thoughts Future

Why Change ?

Your motivation for Change &

what Diwan Shaman Spirit can contribute

Our Clients come to Diwan for many different reasons, but the common theme is:

Creating lightness, movement, focus, direction and beauty in their lives.

The majority of Diwan's visitors and students are grounded people, connected to their life and interested in spirituality. They want to

  • have a profound shamanic education

  • work with energies

  • reconnect with Nature and their Soul

  • develop and grow their consciousness

  • manage their stress or personal blockages

  • handle challenging situations in a different way

  • Take a dive into the unknown deep

  • Be part of a new World


Andean Shamanism, Trance Mediumship or Yoga might be the method for You to do so.

Why Diwan Shaman Spirit ?

What makes us special ?

Diwan Shaman Spirit has teachers who have intensely practiced Andean Shamanism for many years - learning directly from the source: The Q'ero Paqos, from the Peruvian Andes.

There are many books written about (Andean) Shamanism and you can rationally understand what it is about. Knowledge gained with these, secures rational understanding of the structure, and symbols. It also helps to open up your Mind to new possibilities.

The essence of (Andean) Shamanism however, is working with Energies.

This comes out of the Heart, and can only be trained with Experience.


The Teachers of Diwan Shaman Spirit are trained to learn you techniques to see, recognize, call and work with Energies to create new Balances and so change the Future. The group in which this is done, help you learn to build up the Energies.


Diwan Shaman Spirit provides a 2 year Program - multiple course-days, with in between intensive coaching. For the ones who want to continue, there is Diwan Family, a community of Diwan-graduates, with whom you can continue to develop.

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